About Our Dealership

If you can imagine it, we can build it!

Performance Motorcoaches may be a new name in the new motorcoach business, but we began selling preowned motorhomes in 2007 under the name Performance Unlimited. We have always been focused on unique and hard to find motorhomes, boats, and toys. Throughout the years we have sold numerous Class 8 Truck Conversion Coaches. Being a higher end coach owner, many of the conversions left a lot to be desired. We have sold preowned units from Haulmark, Renegade, NRC, United Specialties, Showhauler, 5150, Silver Crown, Chariot, and some one-off builds. Throughout the years most have failed to offer the higher-end amenities that come standard on luxury motorhomes like Monaco, American Coach, Newmar, and others. I have seen water lines running inside the frame rails, water and waste tanks exposed to the elements, and walls with no insulation. In that time one thing has remained evident, the demand and popularity of this type of product has only continued to increase.

Over the years we have always been able to get a pretty steady stream of cool and unique toys to resell, but finding the inventory means countless hours searching and flying all over the country. Curiosity about a steady stream of inventory became a higher focus. We have seen many new dealers thrive and many more perish back in 2008-2010. Additionally the manufacturers have seen highs and lows with many closing shop and others being bought out by larger groups. In the spring of 2015 we planned a trip to visit the factories, which all happen to be located in the Elkhart Indiana region. An hour and half car ride from Chicago got us deep into RV country.

We visited several manufactures in the region and decided upon Renegade and Showhauler. Both plants were very clean, very professional, and had craftsman that took a lot of pride in their work. The guys at Showhauler had nothing but great things to say about Renegade, and the guys at Renegade had a lot of respect and positive things to say about Showhauler. There are many differences between each group and their style of construction does vary pretty significantly. The two biggest differences between Showhauler and Renegade have to do with outer construction and options. Renegades have fiberglass walls which are vacuum bonded, while Showhauler has aluminum sheeting walls that are bonded to the frame using a special 3M adhesive tape. Renegade has more set packages and standards, while Showhauler is almost a-la-carte. The higher-end Renegades will all come with full body paint, while paint is an option for Showhauler (standard color is white, the aluminum panels come white). For that matter you can order a heated floor in a Showhauler with cheap linoleum flooring, while Renegade will come standard with a marble tile floor in any model that even has a heated floor option. Also deviation from the set options in a Renegade will be much more difficult, sometimes not even a possibility.

What was most impressive while visiting the factories were the rapid changes in fit and finish. If you walked into a new Showhauler or Renegade as little as a year or two ago, what you saw then seems to be outdated compared to what is coming out of the factory now. Granite countertops with glass tile back splashes, marble and tile floors that rival a million dollar home, duplex lighting (dimmable push button), 42in LED flat screen TVs, beautiful couches and dinettes, bunk beds, USB power ports, LED strip lighting, full-size stainless steel residential fridges, bath-and-half and 2 full baths, and updated window coverings create a real sense of luxury. The new colors of fabric, wood, and counter tops make these units look over the top. Items you were accustomed to viewing in a $1.5 million Prevost Bus are now available in a coach at a fraction of the price.

The time spent at the factories addressed the concerns about water lines and waste tanks. The water lines are all routed inside the coach, the freshwater tank is below the bed, and the waste water tanks are now enclosed and the compartments are heated. Condensation lines are routed under the coach. No longer do you see water dripping off of the roof of the coach from the air conditioners. Side entry doors have key pads for keyless entry. You can choose to lock all baggage doors from one switch. Most of these coaches are now being built with hydronic heat and now are fully electric with NO propane on board.

Throughout the years I have only sold a small portion of these type coaches to racers. Many of our customers have converted from a traditional Class A diesel pusher because they see the value of a unit built on a million mile chassis. These units drive much better than a traditional Class A and perform much better in windy conditions. And should you need to pull anything, there is never a concern from a large boat, heavy SUV or truck on a trailer, or a massive 36ft car trailer that will haul 3 cars. I can tell you these rigs are much less fatiguing while driving across the country, I have spent 15-20 hours straight only stopping for fuel or a restroom break. Even 500 to 600HP diesel pushers can’t compete.

We have always been passionate about the toys we sell. The introduction into new coaches will be no different. Anyone can buy a cheap underpowered diesel or gas motorhome, but I can assure you the salesman is glad when the customer is gone. That is not case with our business, I hand pick each unit and enjoy telling a story about each piece. Most importantly I know the customer is getting a good deal on a piece that will be desirable for years to come. This confidence, on behalf of us and the customer, build relationships that turn single builds into long term business. We have sold many items numerous times to various customers and many customers keep coming back year after year for their next RV, Boat, or Cool New Toy.

If you are interested in purchasing a new Showhauler or Renegade, no matter if you are looking for a 350HP single-axle rig, or a ground pounding 600HP 4 slide 45+ft rig, we welcome all inquires. We will take the time to share all options and find the right piece for your needs and wants. And if that want involves a trip to the factory to see more colors and options, we can arrange that. In fact, I would say that anyone looking for that exact custom rig should plan on taking a trip to the factory. We plan on making several trips yearly to see new ideas and features, so we could easily meet potential buyers.

Performance Motorcoaches wants to be your dealer for a new Showhauler or Renegade Coach. We welcome first time coach buyers and we can easily trade for traditional RVs. Performance Motorcoaches is proud to be Texas’ only dealer for Showhauler and can easily deliver a motorhome to all corners of the state. In fact we welcome orders from all interested parties! We strive to have the best customer service and the most knowledgeable staff available. Call or email to get in contact!